Oh Mon Dieu! Day 15: Abstract!

Published July 16, 2014 by knocknocknails

Over the weekend, I got this new polish called IDK by China Glaze. My grandmother had bought it for me, and I wasn’t so sure if it was an actual China Glaze polish.. but, with a little research, it looks like it’s a discontinued collection by China Glaze. I was super excited because it’s holographic, and it’s my first holographic polish in my collection! If only I’d found this polish in time for the holographic theme for OMD2!

Anyways, today the theme for Oh Mon Dieu! is abstract. I’m not entirely sure what abstract is, but I looked online at other manicures of abstract nail designs, and it just looked like a bunch of curly lines, polka dots, colours all jumbled together. So, I used my new holographic purple polish by China Glaze and a handy white striper and jumbled together some lines and dots.



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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 14: Funky French!

Published July 14, 2014 by knocknocknails

At first, I wasn’t so sure about this theme.. I mean, how are you supposed to do a french tip without any nail tips? So, I tried to improvise. I attempted to do this lace-like manicure (although, I don’t think I quite pulled of a lacey-feeling). I’m completely missing my long nails! I would die to have them back, at least for this prompt…


For the white base colour, I used Blanc by Essie and for the pink, I used Mod Square by Essie. I also used Nicole by OPI’s Matte Top Coat.


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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 13: Ikat!

Published July 14, 2014 by knocknocknails

I’m not a hundred percent sure what Ikat is and I’ve never done an Ikat nail design before.. But, I’ve watched tutorials on them before and they seemed fairly simple, even doing it on your dominant hand (you would be using your non-dominant hand), as the design is quite a messy process anyways! It doesn’t have to look super sophisticated and proper. As you probably guessed by my rambling, the theme for today is ikat.

I tried to star the four new Essie polish that I got yesterday (although, some of them didn’t make it onto the manicure!)


The blue I used (as a base coat) was Mint Candy Apple by Essie. As the two accent nails, I used a base coat of Blanc by Essie and a glitter topper of On A Silver Platter by Essie. Although, I’d bought Plumberry by Essie, I didn’t use it because I didn’t feel like getting out my striper brushes! So, I used a pink striper polish from Sally Hansen instead (both were shades of pink).

Althought I’ve never done an Ikat print manicure before, I think the result came out pretty well! The other manis by the other girls looked quite similar to mine (besides having different colours).


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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 12: 3D!

Published July 11, 2014 by knocknocknails

Today’s prompt (well, tomorrow’s!) is 3D! I know you guys are probably thinking that I’m crazy.. (Or I just paint my nails too much!) but, I have a reason for doing more than one manicure today! As my nails have been recently chopped off, I want to get this competition over as quick as possible! So, that means doing more than one manicure a day! If I leave my polish on for a full day, it weakens the nails. Nails grow the most when they’re just out in the open, breathing, and not being suffocated by nail polish!

For this manicure, I put a base coat of Mod Square by Essie then put 5 polka dots on my nail using a black polish by RIMMEL and then I used my favourite polish from yesterday (the really pretty blue colour by Formula X by Sephora!) and put dots a little diagonal of the black ones, making this really cool 3D effect!



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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 11: Rainbow!

Published July 11, 2014 by knocknocknails

Today’s prompt is rainbow and it’s also the day you get to see my nails at their worst – the shortest they can ever get. It’s basically just my nail bed. No free edge. At first, I’d done a glitter (in the rainbow colours) gradient, but I thought that was too simple! So, I ended up with this manicure instead. It was a bit more work, but I thought that even though I have short nails, doesn’t mean I should fall short in my designs!


I quite like this funky french tip manicure (even though my complete pinkie fingernail is covered) and although I’m grieving over the loss of my nail length, I’m quite happy with the design I’ve come up with!


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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 10: Favourite Polish!

Published July 11, 2014 by knocknocknails

I know I’m a day late on this prompt. I was completely heartbroken (over my nails) to even upload my photos for the competition. After I’d done these nails, I was cleaning up, getting ready to go home (I was currently at my grandparents house) and one of my nails broke. So, I went at my nails with a sledgehammer (nail clippers, all the same!) and chopped them all off. Tomorrow, you will see my completely ungrown, short nails. It’s horrifying!

Anyways, the prompt for (yesterday) is your favourite polish. Immediately, I knew which one I was going to choose. Although, after a little shopping spree for nail polish, I think my favourite polish might have changed. Otherwise, my favourite polish is this super cute, emerald green, blue colour by Formula X by Sephora. Sadly, I only have one Formula X polish in my collection, but I fell in love with it! Their polishes are completely opaque in one coat (although, I did use two coats in the photos) and they dry super quick!


Of course, I added my own little touch to this mani! I added some pearl-like stones on the top of my nails and a bit of glitter as a topper, and I added a gold accent nail, as I think it meshes super well with the Formula X colour.


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Oh Mon Dieu! Day 9: Jelly… Beans?

Published July 9, 2014 by knocknocknails

For today’s theme, it is jelly. I’ve heard of jelly-finish polish, but I wasn’t exactly sure if I had one in my collection (as large as it is!) so, I put some jelly beans on my nails. I think this manicure is pretty cute, although I don’t think I would wear it out! I took it off as soon as possible.



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